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Taxi related pages
Gribble’s Taxi Pages
Fan site with trivia and other Taxi-stuff. 

Taxi Tribute
Gallery, articles, links and other interesting information. 

Jump the Shark: Taxi
Some trivia information. 

Unofficial Taxi Fanpage
Simple info on some of the characters. 

BTTF.COM's Taxi page;
Episode guide and some info about Iggy played by Christopher "Doc" Lloyd. 

Tim's TV Showcase: Taxi
With some nice photos and information. 

Take Me to TV Land
Unofficial site with sounds and images. 

Infinite Coolness: TV Section
A sentence or two on this page is about Taxi. 

TV Land Shows: Taxi
Good source for the Taxi fan. Not all of the info on this page is correct though. 

TV Home: Taxi
With episodes, cast and crew guides. 

Taxi Episode List
Simple episode list. Nothing more, nothing less... 

Sitcoms Online: Taxi Message board
Discuss Taxi and trade tapes. 

Epguides: Taxi
Air dates. 

Internet Movie Database
IMDB's info on Taxi. 

Rate-it-all: Taxi
Comments and user ratings on Taxi. 

Yahoo: Taxi
Taxi cathegory on Yahoo. 

Open Directory: Taxi
Taxi cathegory on Open Directory. 

Paramount Pictures Corporation
The distributor behind Taxi. There is no info about Taxi on this site, but it has info about other great movies and series.


Other related sites
Marilu Henner's official homepage
Lane Brody's official homepage! Lane guest starred in episode 63!
Judd Hirsch' son.