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#23: "Honor Thy Father" September 18, 1979
Alex's sister Charlotte arrives at the garage looking for her brother. She reveals to Alex that their father has been admitted to a nearby hospital. Alex takes the news with indifference because he still blames him for deserting him thirty years ago. Note: Most of what occurs in this episode actually happened to producer James L. Brooks. This episode got an Emmy nomination for outstanding writing. Guest stars: Richard Beauchamp, Joan Hackett, Jack Gilford, Ian Wolfe, Margaret Ladd. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#24: "The Reluctant Fighter" October 9, 1979
Tony is elated when he lands a fight with Benny Foster, a former champion. But Tony is disturbed when he finds out Foster is only coming out of retirement to win some money to pay for an operation for a boy confined to a wheelchair. Guest stars: Marc Anthony Danza (Tony Danza's son), Arando Muniz, Michael V. Gazzo, Gene LeBell, John Dennis. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.

#25: "Louie and the Nice Girl" September, 11, 1979
Zena, who refills the vending machines at the garage, reveals a desire to go out with Louie because she is intrigued by men with power. Alex helps to fix Louie up with Zena and soon they are seeing each other regularly. Louie claims that he and Zena have a great sex life but Zena confides to Alex that Louie hasn't even made a pass at her. Note: This episode got an Emmy award for outstanding directing and an award for outstanding film editing. Guest stars: Rhea Perlman, T.J. Castronova. Written by Earl Pomerantz. Directed by James Burrows.

#26: "Wherefore Art Thou, Bobby?" October 21, 1979
Tony brings Steve Jensen, a young man from Iowa who has just arrived in New York, to the garage to meet Bobby. Tony hopes Bobby can advise Steve on how he might become an actor. A couple of days after Bobby introduces Steve to his agent, Steve lands the lead role in an off-Broadway production of "Romeo and Juliet", the kind of job Bobby has been struggling to get for years. Guest star: Michael Horton. Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#27: "Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey" September 25, 1979
The cabbies see Reverend Jim at Mario's and recall that he married Latka to an American girl the year before. Jim is a lost soul, spending most of his time in bars. In a crash program, the cabbies get him to pass his written test for a hack's license and he joins the gang at the Sunshine Cab Company. Guest stars: Christopher Lloyd, T.J. Castronova. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#28: "Nardo Loses Her Marbles" October 2, 1979
Elaine is feeling the pressures of holding down two jobs and trying to raise her two children, Jason and Jennifer. Alex sees that Elaine is having some problems and suggests that she seek psychological counseling. Guest stars: Tom Ewell, Mary Woronov, Robert Picardo, William Callaway. Strickland paintings by Vivian Kerstein. Sculptures by Vasa. Written by Earl Pomerantz. Directed by James Burrws.

#29: "A Woman Between Friends" October 30, 1979
Tony and Bobby both fall in love with the same blonde woman they meet at Mario's. Their rivalry for her attention threatens to destroy their friendship with each other. Naturally, they never take the woman's feelings into consideration. Guest stars: Constance Forslund, T.J. Castronova. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.

#30: "The Lighter Side of Angela Matusa" October 23, 1979
The cabbies hear again from Angela Matusa, the overweight girl who was once Alex's blind date. They discover Angela has lost a hundred pounds. She explains that her determination to stick to her diet was based on the assumption that Alex would fall in love with her if she were thinner. Guest stars: Phil Rubenstein, Dick Miller, T.J. Castronova. Written by Earl Pomerantz. Directed by James Burrows.

#31: "The Great Race" November 6, 1979
Louie brags to the cabbies about what a great taxi driver he used to be. Bobby challenges Louie to a bet: that Alex, currently the Sunshine Cab Company's best driver, can bring in more money than Louie in a particular shift. Guest stars: Julie Payne, Scott Brady, James Hong, Jean Owens Hayworth, Fred Stuthman. Written by Glenn Gordon Caron. Directed by James Burrows.

#32: "The Apartment" November 13, 1979
Latka's apartment building is scheduled to be torn down, and he must therefore find a new home. He decides to rent a luxurious penthouse apartment, which rents for $3,000 -- his life's savings. Guest stars: Dick Butkus, Nancy Steen. Written by Barry Rubinowitz. Directed by James Burrows.

#33: "Elaine's Secret Admirer" December 4, 1979
Elaine begins receiving anonymous love poems which she finds very romantic. Jim confesses to Alex that he is the one responsible for writing the poetry. Guest star: Michael Delano. Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#34: "Alex's Romance" November 20, 1979
Bobby introduces Alex to Joyce Rogers, an actress who has just been dropped from a recurring role on a soap opera. At first Alex tries to cheer her up, but he soon begins romancing her. Guest star: Dee Wallace. Written by Ian Praiser and Howard Gewirtz. Directed by Ed Weinberger.

#35: "Latka's Revolting" November 27, 1979
Latka learns that a revolution is taking place in his homeland. Latka makes up his mind to go home to fight when an old friend from his country, Baschi, arrives in town. Note: In this episode you can hear the national anthem from Latka's native country, which was written by co-creator Stan Daniels. Guest stars: Lenny Baker, T.J. Castronova. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#36: "Louie Meets the Folks" December 11, 1979
Zena lets Louie know that he must agree to meet her parents or she'll break off their relationship. Alex agrees to accompany a terrified Louie, for a fee of $200. Guest star: Rhea Perlman, John C. Becher, Camila Ashland. Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#37: "Tony and Brian" January 8, 1980
Tony wants to adopt Brian, the nine-year-old boy he befriended in Episode #24. No longer wheelchair-bound, Brian would rather be adopted by a much wealthier couple. Guest stars: Marc Anthony Danza (Tony Danza's son), Michael Fairman, Barbara Stuart, Shane Butterworth, ary Betten. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.

#38: "Jim Gets a Pet" December 18, 1979
Jim uses his winnings from betting on a horse to buy the winning horse, named On Dasher. Jim changes his name to Gary and treats him like a house pet, taking him for walks in the park and letting him sleep in his apartment. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by James Burrows.

#39: "What Price Bobby?" January 22, 1980
Bobby, who regularly cruises the theater district in the hopes of picking up an important producer or agent, one night picks up Nora, an important theatrical manager, as one of his fares. After he convinces her to see him in a play in Brooklyn, she agrees to accept him as a client. But there's a price. Note: Judd Hirsch appears only briefly in this episode since at that time he was filming his Oscar-nominated role in the motion picture Ordinary People. Guest star: Susan Sullivan. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.

#40: "Guess Who's Coming for Brefnish?" January 15, 1980
Simka Dahblitz applies for a job as a secretary at the Sunshine Cab Company and Latka overhears her speaking his native language. Immediately they hit it off as a romantic couple. Guest star: Carol Kane (which won an Emmy for this performance), T.J. Castronova. Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#41: "Shut It Down (Part 1)" January 29, 1980
Tony is nearly killed when the brakes go out in his cab. All the cabbies are furious that the company is making them drive cabs which are nearly falling apart. They vote to go on strike.  Story by Mark Jacobsen and Michael Tolkin. Teleplay by Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser. Directed by James Burrows.

#42: "Shut It Down (Part 2)" February 5, 1980
Louie has agreed to meet the drivers' demands if Elaine goes out on a date with him. Now she must face up to her promise, with the help of a Valium and alcohol cocktail and a protective down jacket. Guest star: Lee Delano. Written by Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser. Directed by James Burrows.

#43: "Fantasy Borough (Part 1)" May 6, 1980
Herve Villechaize (from Fantasy Island) accidentally leaves some photos in Tony's cab. When Tony contacts Villechaize, the actor says that he'll come down in person to pick up the pictures. While they await his arrival, the cabbies share their secret fantasies with each other. Guest stars: Eric Sevareid (as himself), Warren Munson, Carl Lumbly. Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#44: "Fantasy Borough (Part 2)" May 13, 1980
Even after Herve Villechaize has retrieved his photos, the cabbies continue to describe their fantasies to one another.  Note: This episode features a dazzling Broadway musical-style production number as part of Elaine's fantasy. Guest stars: Lassie, Priscilla Barnes. Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#45: "Art Work" March 4, 1980
Elaine criticizes the other cabbies for wasting their money gambling. She informs them that every day she sees people getting richer by investing in art. The cabbies realize that if they pool their money they could afford to buy a work of art at an auction. Guest stars: Marvin Newman, Richard Derr, Peg StewartWritten by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#46: "Alex Jumps out of an Airplane" February 26, 1980
Alex decides that the most important thing in a man's life is face his fears. First he gets Tony to teach him to box, then he plays piano and sings in front of an audience at Mario's, and finally he manages to make a parachute jump out of an airplane. Guest stars: T.J. Castronova, Beverly Ross. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.


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