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#91: "The Schloogel Show" September 30, 1982
Following a tradition from their country, Latka and Simka host a party at which Alex, Elaine, Tony, Louie, and Jim are supposed to meet their ideal mates. Guest stars: Marcia Wallace (as herself), Anna De Salvo, Murphy Cross, Charlene Watkins, T.J. Castronova. Written by Ken Estin and Sam Simon. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#92: "Alex Goes off the Wagon" October 14, 1982
Alex takes a passenger to Atlantic City; and while he's there decides to try his chances at some gambling. He gets lucky and wins two thousand dollars at one of the casinos. The incident brings out the compulsive gambler in Alex, and soon he's trying to get into every game he can find. Guest stars: Anthony Charnota, Keone Young, Carolyn Deirjian. Written by Danny Kallis. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#93: "Jim's Inheritance" Ocotber 7, 1982
Reverend Jim's father dies and leaves him three and a half million dollars. But Jim's brother and sister, contending that Jim is mentally incompetent to handle the money, petition a judge to name them as conservators of the estate. Note: This episode got an Emmy nomination for outstanding writing. Guest star: Dick Sargent, F. William Parker, Santos orales, Richard Monahan. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#94: "Sceneskees From a Marriage (Part 1)" October 21, 1982
Latka goes out to rescue Cindy, a cabby who's stuck in a snowstorm. He reaches her but his tow truck breaks down. Latka and Cindy find themselves about to be frozen to death in her cab. In order to stay warm, they realize the only thing they can do is to make love. When Latka comes home, Simka takes one look at him and immediately accuses him of being with another woman. Guest stars: Allyce Beasley, Vincent Schiavelli, Peter Elbling. Written by Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#95: "Sceneskees From A Marriage (Part 2)" October 28, 1982
Latka and Simka's priest has ruled that Simka must sleep with someone Latka works with so that Simka can atone for Latka's indiscretion. They can't decide which cabbie she should choose, so they plan a dinner party: the last man to arrive will be the one to go to bed with her. Written by Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#96: "Alex the Gofer" November 11, 1982
Two Broadway producers hail Alex's cab one day, and he gets into a conversation with them. It's revealed that Alex knows quite a lot about the theater, and that Alex wanted to work in the theater when he was younger. Alex is hired as a gofer, but the job turns out to be extremely demeaning. Guest stars: David Paymer, Matthew Laurence, Caren Kaye, Brian Robbins, Kerry Noonan. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by Michael Lessac.

#97: "Louie's Revenge" November 18, 1982
Louie finds out that Emily, a beautiful photographer, has just broken up with her latest boyfriend. Louie admits to the cabbies that when he dated Emily in the past, she was always able to twist him around her finger. Now Louie's determined to get even with her for the way she treated him before. Guest stars: Andrea Marcovicci, Charlie Stavolta. Written by Sam Simon. Directed by Stan Daniels.

#98: "Travels With My Dad" November 25, 1982
Tony's father Angelo, a merchant seaman, comes to New York to visit his son. Angelo brings along a surprise--a union card that will permit Tony to join him on his next ocean voyage. Tony travels with his father on a month-long trip to Singapore. Guest stars: Donnelly Rhodes, Wendall W. Wright. Written by Barton Dean. Directed by Michael Zinberg.

#99: "Elaine and the Monk" December 2, 1982
Simka's cousin Zifka is a monk from the old country. His monastic order permits him to indulge in worldly pleasures for only one week every ten years. On a visit to New York during one of those weeks, he takes an immediate interest in Elaine, who is intrigued by the idea of dating a monk. Guest star: Mark Blankfield. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by Danny DeVito.

#100: "Zena's Honeymoon" December 9, 1982
Zena Sherman, who had been Louie's girlfriend, visits the garage and asks to see Louie again. At dinner, Louie tells her she can come back to him, but she tells him her plans for getting married to somebody else and she invites Louie to the wedding. Guest stars: Rhea Perlman, Peter Jurasik, Robert Woberly, Jim Pollack. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by Richard Sakai.

#101: "Louie Moves Uptown" January 22, 1983
Elaine suggests that Louie move out of his dump and into a better apartment. He considers her advice and goes to look at an apartment in an exclusive luxury building. He loves the plush co-op apartment, but he doesn't have enough money for the down payment. Jim loans Louie money and Louie faces one last hurdle: he must be approved by the co-op board. Guest stars: Penny Marshall (as herself), Gayle Hinicutt. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by Michael Zinberg.

#102: "Crime and Punishment" November 4, 1982
Mr. Ratledge, the current owner of the Sunshine Cab Co., discovers that somebody from the garage has been secretly selling off used auto parts and keeping the money for himself. He orders Louie to find out who the thief is and fire him. Since Louie is in fact the crook, he talks Jeff into taking the blame. Guest stars: Allen Goorwitz, Martin Garner, Thom Koutsoukos. Written by Katherine Green. Directed by Stan Daniels.

#103: "Get Me Through the Holidays" December 14, 1982
Alex's plans to work instead of celebrating Christmas are affected when his ex-wife, Phyllis, shows up and asks him to help her out of the holiday blues. Guest stars: Louise Lasser, Joseph Brennan. Written by Ken Estin and Sam Simon. Directed by Michael Zinberg.

#104: "Alex's Old Buddy" January 29, 1983
Alex is reunited with his pet dog Buddy, but the animal is no longer in the best of health. A veterinarian tells Alex that his dog has only a few more weeks to live, and Alex becomes determined to make Buddy as happy as possible during the time he has left. Guest stars: Judith-Marie Bergan, John Hancock, Tucker. Written by Ken Estin and Sam Simon. Directed by Richard Sakai.

#105: "Sugar Ray Nardo" February 5, 1983
Elaine's son, Jason, is fed up with his oboe lessons and wants to take up boxing instead. Elaine is extremely hesitant to grant him permission but relents after asking Alex for his opinion on this matter. Guest stars: David Mendenhall, Elisabeth Hill, Brad Kesten, Michael Saucedo. Written by Katherine Green. Directed by Danny DeVito.

#106: "Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame" March 30, 1983
Diane, a lovely ex-girlfriend of Jim's, shows up at the Sunshine Cab Co. Alex is immediately intrigued by Diane, who is now a lawyer. Alex would like to spark a romance with Diane, but she tells him she's still emotionally and physically involved with Jim. Guest stars: Cathie Shirriff, Martin Azarow, Robert Woberly. Written by Barton Dean. Directed by Harvey Miller.

#107: "Tony's Baby" April 20, 1983
Tony's girlfriend Vicki informs him that she is pregnant. He's stunned by her revelation and asks her to marry him. At first she refuses because she thinks he's only proposing out of a sense of obligation. But after Vicki finally agrees, Tony begins debating whether or not he should go ahead with his plans. Guest stars: Keenan Wynn, Anne DeSalvo, Jimmy Lennon (as himself), Gene LeBell, T.J. Castronova. Written by Dari Daniels. Directed by Richard Sakai.

#108: "Jim's Mario's" May 18, 1983
Jim invests some of his inheritance by purchasing the cabbies' favorite hangout, Mario's. When Jim's management threatens to undermine this business venture, Louie asks that the cabbies steer their tourist passengers to Mario's by telling them it's a happening hot spot for the "in crowd". Guest stars: Walter Olkewicz, Peter Iacangelo, William Hootkins, T.J. Castronova, Thomas Murphy, Charles Bouvier, Sharon adden, Ro Kendall. Written by Ken Estin and sam Simon. Directed by Danny DeVito.

#109: "Louie and the Blind Girl" April 6, 1983
Louie is in love with Judy, a blind girl whom he first met at Latka's Shloogel party. He plans on asking her to marry him, but loses his courage when he learns that she is going to have an operation that will restore her sight. Guest stars: Murphy Cross, David Young. Story by Larry Scott Anderson. Teleplay by Ken Estin, Sam Simon and Al Aidekman. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#110: "Simka's Monthlies" June 15, 1983
When Simka fails to show up for an appointment at the Immigration Department, she is in serious danger of being deported. Her reason for her repeated absences from such appointments is her monthly attacks of premenstrual syndrome. Guest star: Howard Witt. Written by Holly Holmberg Brooks. Directed by Harvey Miller.

#111: "Arnie Meets the Kids" April 13, 1983
Elaine's relationship with Arnie, whom she met at Latka's party, has reached a point where she decides it's time that he should meet her children. Guest stars: Wallace Shawn, David Mendenhall, Melanie Gaffin. Written by John Markus. Directed by Richard Sakai.

#112: "A Grand Gesture" May 25, 1983
Jim reveals that he has been giving away large amounts of money to strangers. When Alex finds out, he tells Jim that his behavior is reckless and irresponsible. In defense of what he's been doing, Jim says he gives the money away for the thrill of seeing the expressions on people's faces when they receive a completely unexpected gift. Guest stars: Scatman Crothers, Vincent Schiavelli, Melanie Gaffin, Tracey Walter, Tom Villard. Written by Ken Estin and Sam Simon. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#113: "A Taxi Celebration (Part 1)" March 23, 1983
This episode is made up of highlights from "Like Father, Like Daughter", "Paper Marriage", "Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey", "Blind Date", "Elaine's Strange Triangle", and "Sceneskees From a Marriage". This retrospective of old clips was originally broadcast as a one-hour special. Videotape editor: Bill Petty.

#114: "A Taxi Celebration (Part 2)" March 23, 1983
This episode is made up of highlights from "Memories of Cab 804", "Louie and the Nice Girl", "Elegant Iggy", "Jim the Psychic", and "Fantasy Borough". Videotape editor: Bill Petty.

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