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#47: "Louie's Rival" November 19, 1980
Louie is shattered when Zena Sherman tells him she wants to break off their relationship. Zena's new boyfriend is Dwight, the day bartender at Mario's, and Louie considers what he should do to him. Guest star: Rhea Perlman. Note: This episode contains a classic scene where Louie makes a sandwich at Zena's apartment. Guest stars: Rhea Perlman, Richard Minchenberg Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.

#48: "Fathers of the Bride" December 3, 1980
Louie reads a newspaper item to Alex which reports that Alex's daughter, Cathy, is going to marry an ambassador's son. Alex is naturally angry that he has not received an invitation to the wedding but he decides to attend anyway. Guest star: Louise Lasser, Talia Balsam, Carlo Quinterio, Harvey Skolnick. Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#49: "Going Home" December 17, 1980
Jim's father, a millionaire, sends a private detective to New York in search of his son. The detective explains that Jim's father is making out his will and wants to see all of his family again. Alex accompanies Jim to Boston where he will reunite with his family. Note: This episode got an Emmy nomination for outstanding writing. Guest stars: Victor Buono, Walter Olkewicz, Barbara Deutsch, Dick Yarmy, John Eames. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#50: "Elaine's Strange Triangle" December 10, 1980
Elaine's latest romance has just gone sour, so the cabbies try to cheer her up one day at Mario's. Kirk, a handsome stranger, approaches Elaine and Tony at the bar. Tony and Alex pressure Kirk to ask Elaine out. After a few dates, Elaine becomes quite interested in Kirk, but Kirk reveals to Tony that he is bisexual and actually likes Tony. Note: This episode got an Emmy nomination for outstanding writing, an Emmy award for best directing and an Emmy award for outstanding film editing. Coreographed disco scene by Jeff Kutash. Guest stars: John David Carson, Michael Pritchard. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by James Burrows.

#51: "Bobby's Roommate" April 9, 1981
Elaine's apartment building is going co-op, so she needs to find a new place to live. Since Bobby is leaving the city to tour for a month in "Under the Yum-Yum Tree," he lets her stay in his pad while she looks for a new home. Bobby returns a week later, after being fired for sleeping with the director's daughter, and he offers to let Elaine stay on as his roommate. Written by Earl Pomerantz. Directed by James Burrows.

#52: "Tony's Sister and Jim" November 26, 1980
Tony's sister Monica arrives in New York. She's recently been divorced and Tony is determined to fix her up with someone new. Although he wants to fix her up with Alex, she takes a liking to Jim. Note: This episode got an Emmy award for outstanding writing. Guest stars: Julie Kavner, Andrew Bloch. Written by Michael Leeson. Directed by James Burrows.

#53: "Call of the Mild" January 21, 1981
Bobby travels to the mountains to make a commercial for Brickhauser Beer. He gets such a taste for the outdoor life that he tries to talk the other guys into going back for a full week of roughing it in the woods. Guest star: Harvey Vernon. Written by Katherine Green. Directed by James Burrows.

#54: "Thy Boss's Wife" February 12, 1981
Louie explains to the cabbies that whenever Mr. MacKenzie, the owner of the Sunshine Cab Company, and his wife have a big fight, Mrs. MacKenzie has an unusual way of getting her revenge: inviting an unsuspecting cabbie over for dinner. Guest stars: Eileen Brennan (which got an Emmy nomination for her guest appearance), Stephen Elliot. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.

#55: "Latka's Cookies" February 5, 1981
Latka's grandmother dies, and bequeaths him the recipe for some unusual cookies. Latka cooks up a batch and hands them out to the cabbies. At first everyone finds them to be almost impossible to chew, but soon they can't get enough of them, since they cause one to have great energy and euphoria. Latka wants to sell the cookies in stores, and he tells Louie he's quitting work at the garage. Guest star: Wally "Famous" Amos (as himself). Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#56: "The Ten-Percent Solution" January 7, 1981
Bobby is rejected for an acting role because he doesn't have the right look. He claims he is too good-looking and the "common look" is now in vogue. Since Tony has the kind of face that is supposed to be popular, he tries to convince Bobby that he could become a successful actor if Bobby were to manage him. Guest stars: Sarina C. Grant, Jim Staskel, Ed Weinberger. Written by Pat Allee. Directed by James Burrows.

#57: "Zen and the Art of Cab Driving" March 19, 1981
Jim overhears some passengers in his cab talking about "dynamic perfectionism" and he becomes an enthusiastic follower of this self-help technique. Jim sets out to become the ultimate cabbie but stops after he has earned enough money to achieve his real goal: being hooked into the Global Village that is television. Guest stars: Nicholas Horann, ichael ann, Ji McKrell. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#58: "Elaine's Old Friend" February 26, 1981
Elaine picks up a passenger who turns out to be an old high-school friend, Mary Parker. Elaine and Mary were real competitors in school and Elaine is intensely jealous when she discovers that Mary is head of an advertising agency and travels around the world with her wealthy boyfriend, an international lawyer. Alex pretends to be Elaine's suave and romantic beau on a double date. Guest stars: Martha Smith, John Considine, yron Natwick, John Yates. Written by Susan Jane Lindner and Nancy Lane. Directed by Jeff Chambers.

#59: "The Costume Party" February 19, 1981
Bobby discovers a briefcase in the backseat of his cab, and it apparently belongs to someone with important connections in the theatrical world. From an entry in an appointment book they find in the briefcase, the cabbies learn of a costume party planned for the following Saturday. Anticipating a room full of celebrities, they decide to dress up in costumes and crash the affair. Guest stars: Louis Guss, Hactor Britt. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by James Burrows.

#60: "Out of Commission" March 12, 1981
Tony is knocked out in the first round of his latest fight. When the ring doctor examines him, he's concerned that Tony may have suffered brain damage. The doctor takes Tony's case to the medical board, and the boxing commission revokes his license. Tony is so distraught he tries to fight under an assumed name, Kid Rodriguez. Note: Tony's monologue was co-written by Tony Danza. Guest stars: Al Ruscio, Carmine Caridi, Jessie Goins, auricio Aldana, Vince Delgano, Jon St. Elwood, Jimmy Lennon (as himself). Written by Sam Simon. Directed by James Burrows.

#61: "Bobby and the Critic" April 30, 1981
Bobby writes a scathing letter to a newspaper criticizing its venomous theater critic, John Bowman, a man who loves to say insulting things about actors. When this letter is published, Bobby believes he may have thrown his career out the window, but he receives many congratulatory letters. Bobby's glee is cut short when he learns that Bowman plans to see him in his one-man show, "Charles Darwin Tonight". Written by Barry Kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#62: "Louie's Mother" March 26, 1981
Louie tells the cabbies that he's put his mother into a nursing home, admitting he knows nothing about the place. He decides to throw a party to celebrate his newfound freedom, now that his mother is out of his way. A few days later, Louie admits to the cabbies that he is lonely and misses his mom. He goes to the nursing home to convince her to come back. Guest star: Julia DeVito (Danny DeVito's real mother). Written by Katherine Green. Directed by James Burrows.

#63: "Louie Bumps Into an Old Lady" April 16, 1981
Louie becomes interested in an attractive new cabbie, Janine. While demonstrating his cab-driving technique in order to give her a few tips, he gets into an accident, running into an old lady as she steps off a curb. But all of Louie's devotion and attention to the accident victim won't dissuade her from suing him for a million dollars. Guest stars: Lane Brody, Iris Korn, Sam De Fazio, Joe Medalis, Jay Flash Riley. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by James Burrows.

#64: "Latka the Playboy" May 21, 1981
Latka is such a bumbler that American women are not at all interested in him. So Latka starts studying Playboy magazine for tips on how to become a swinger. He rapidly transforms himself into smooth-talking lounge lizard Vic Ferrari. But although Latka is now a success with women, he gets fed up with being Vic and wants to change back to his old self. Guest stars: George Wendt, Robin Klein, T.J. Castronova. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#65: "Jim the Psychic" October 8, 1981
Reverend Jim, who often has "psychic" dreams, warns Alex that he will die in his apartment at 7 p.m. the following Thursday. Alex scoffs at the premonition, but the other cabbies recall a number of unusual incidents when Jim's predictions have apparently come true. Note: This episode got an Emmy nomination for outstanding writing and an nomination for for outstanding directing. Guest stars: J.P. Bumpstead, Bob Larkin, Kiwa Dawson. Story by Holly Holmberg Brooks. Teleplay by Barry kemp. Directed by James Burrows.

#66: "Fledgling" November 26, 1981
The Hazeltine Gallery, where Elaine works, has acquired a painting by a noted artist, Craig Eagen. Elaine is sent to his apartment to verify the authenticity of the painting and Alex agrees to accompany her. The artist has a reputation for being a hermit and when Elaine and Alex come to his apartment, he refuses to let them in. Guest star: Paul Sand. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by James Burrows.

#67: "On the Job (Part 1)" May 7, 1981
Louie informs the cabbies that the Sunshine Cab Co. has gone bankrupt. The cabbies realize they'll have to look for new jobs, and they agree to meet in a month's time at Mario's and share their experiences. Guest stars: John O'Leary, Carmine Caridi, Bill Wiley, John Petlock, Robert Balderson, Alice Hirson, T.J. Castronova. Written by Dennis Danziger and Ellen Sandler. Directed by James Burrows.

#68: "On the Job (Part 2)" May 14, 1981
The cabbies continue to talk about the jobs they've worked at since the cab company went broke. By the end of the episode, Louie announces that a new owner has been found for the Sunshine Cab Co. Guest stars: Al Lewis, Michael McGuire, Dana Halsted, Clint Young, Claire alis, Howie Allen, T.J. Castronova. Written by Dennis Danziger and Ellen Sandler. Directed by James Burrows.


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