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#69: "Vienna Waits" October 15, 1981
Elaine's ex-husband Vince shows up unexpectedly and agrees to look after Jason and Jennifer for four weeks. Elaine seizes the opportunity to take a European vacation. She asks Alex to accompany her and he agrees, creating an opportunity to take their longtime friendship to the next level. Guest stars: Gary Philips, Warwick Sis, Reuven Bar-Yotam, Cassandra Gava, Rob Hughes, Paul ackenzie. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by Howard Storm.

#70: "Mr. Personalities" October 22, 1981
Latka's habit of changing personalities prompts Elaine to make an appointment for him with her psychiatrist. In this episode, Latka assumes a whole series of different personalities, including an impersonation of Alex. Latka as Alex winds up getting more bookings than Alex as Alex. Guest stars: Barry Nelson, Bernadette Birkett, Wendy Goldman, T.J. Castronova. Written by Ian Praiser and Howard Gewirtz. Directred by Howard Storm.

#71: "Jim Joins the Network" October 29, 1981
Reverend Jim picks up some important television executives in his cab and overhears one tell the other that if he doesn't come up with a hit series soon, he will be fired. Since Jim often has psychic hunches about the future that prove to be uncannily accurate, he gives the executive his hunches about which shows will do well in the ratings. Guest stars: Martin Short, Melendy Britt. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#72: "Louie's Fling" November 5, 1981
Emily, a good friend of Zena's, has just been dumped by her boyfriend. Louie impresses both Emily and Zena by acutely analyzing the situation and advising Emily not to continue to allow herself to be victimized. Zena asks Louie to take Emily home and when they get to her apartment she seduces him. Instead of feeling guilt about cheating on his girlfriend, Louie exhibits pride. Guest star: Rhea Perlman. Note: A different ending for this episode was originally filmed, but it was rewritten and reshot a couple of weeks later after the producers realized how appalled the audience was by Louie's insidious behavior in the finale, where he deliberately tried to show Emily's boyfriend that she was having an affair just as the two of them were about to reconcile. Guest stars: Rhea Perlman, Andrea Marcovicci. Written by Sam Simon. Directed by James Burrows.

#73: "Like Father, Like Son" November 12, 1981
Alex's father, Joe, calls the cab company and tells Alex that he wants them to be friends. When they meet at Mario's for dinner, they encounter a terrific woman named Karen.. Alex asks her on a date and gets one. After Alex leaves, Joe can't resist asking Karen out himself. Guest stars: Jack Gilford, Barbara Babcock. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by James Burrows.

#74: "Louie's Mother Remarries" November 19, 1981
Louie's mother plans to marry a Japanese man whom she recently met. Louie threatens his mother that he won't be her son anymore if she marries him. He eventually does attend the traditional Japanese-style wedding and gives his blessings. Guest star: Julia DeVito (Danny DeVito's mother). Written by Earl Pomerantz. Directed by James Burrows.

#75: "Of Mice and Tony" December 10, 1981
Tony decides to become a manager of Terry Carver, a heavyweight boxer from his gym. When Terry wins a bout with a first-round knockout, a better management offer comes along from the syndicate. It's an offer Terry can't refuse. Guest stars: Ernie Hudson, John Christy Ewing, Andrew Winner, Howard Gewirtz, Nat Bernstein, Ian Praiser, Jimmy Lennn(as himself), Gene LeBell, T.J. Castronova. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#76: "Nina Loves Alex" January 21, 1982
Nina, an attractive young black woman, joins the Sunshine Cab Co. A very energetic and positive-thinking person, she immediately becomes attracted to Alex and soon begins to make suggestions about getting together with him. Guest stars: Charlaine Woodard, John Mengatti. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by Joan Darling.

#77: "Louie Goes Too Far" December 17, 1981
Louie sinks to spying on Elaine and the other female cabbies in the ladies' room. Elaine finds out and becomes enraged. She brings a leader from the National Organization for Women to the garage to threaten a lawsuit and they succeed in getting Louie fired. Note: This episode contains a classic, revelatory Louie monologue, marking a turning point for this character. Guest stars: Noni White, Allen Williams. Written by Danny Kallis. Directed by Michael Lessac.

#78: "I Wanna Be Around" January 7, 1982
Louie is preparing for the end of the world. He has turned the tool room at the garage into a survival shelter with supplies of dehydrated food. To plan for the end of the world, he plans to spend two days in the shelter with Tony and Jeff. Note: In this episode, the normally quiet Jeff steps into the spotlight. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#79: "Bobby Doesn't Live Here Anymore" January 14, 1982
The cabbies decorate the Sunshine Garage with banners in anticipation of Bobby's visit from Hollywood. Bobby has been gone from New York for six months, and he is waiting to find out if he has landed a part in a TV pilot. At first he hears they are going ahead with the series, but then finds out that they will recast for his part. Bobby decides to go back to California in spite of this to continue to try his luck at acting for television. Note: Jeff Conaway's and Glen and Les Charles' last episodes in this series. Guest stars: Jeff Conaway, Tony Gaetano, T.J. Castronova. Written by Glen and Les Charles. Directed by James Burrows.

#80: "Tony's Lady" January 28, 1982
Tony announces to the other cabbies that he has taken a second job as a chauffeur to a wealthy family. One of the members is Christina, a refined young lady whom Tony considers to be more stunning than any girl he's ever met. Eventually, Tony tries to ask her for a date, but just before he's able to get out the words another guy asks Christina to marry him and she says yes. Guest star: Rebecca Holden, John Calvin, Joel Brooks. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by Michael Zinberg.

#81: "Simka Returns" February 4, 1982
Simka returns to New York and she rekindles her relationship with Latka. The only difficulty is that Latka is still suffering from his multiple-personality problem. Latka must eventually fight his alter ego Vic Ferrari for his woman. Guest star: Carol Kane (who got an Emmy award for this episode). Written by Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser. Directed by Michael Zinberg.

#82: "Jim and the Kid" February 25, 1982
Tony picks up Terry, a ten-year-old runaway, in his cab and drives him back to the garage. The boy takes a special liking to Reverend Jim. Terry even goes to Jim's apartment and begs to stay there. Guest stars: Tony La Tore, Rebecca Clemons, Wendall W. Wright. Written by David Lloyd. Directed by Michael Zinberg.

#83: "Take My Ex-Wife, Please" February 18, 1982
Alex goes on a double date with Tony and a set of great-looking twins, Randi and Candi. They are all at a French restaurant when Alex spots his ex-wife Phyllis, who's recently been divorced by her latest husband. She wants to get back together with Alex but he says it can never happen. Later Louie hears the story and gets a date with Phyllis. When Alex learns this he goes to Phyllis' hotel room to warn her about Louie. Guest star: Louise Lasser, Randi & Candi Brough, Alex Rodine. Written by Ian Praiser and Howard Gewirtz. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#84: "The Unkindest Cut" February 25, 1982
Elaine explains to the other cabbies that she's going to be attending the opening of a Japanese costume show at the Met. She wants to impress the guy she'll be sitting next to, so she makes an appointment to get a haircut with the most famous hair stylist in New York City. The result is positively ghastly. Guest stars: Ted Danson, Gela Jacobson, Sari Price, Karen Anders, Frances Welter, Torill, Marcia Wolf. Story by Barbara Duncan and Holly Holmberg Brooks. Teleplay by Sam Simon. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#85: "Tony's Comeback" March 4, 1982
Lucius Franklin, a pro football player who's been cut by one NFL team and is waiting to try out for another, joins the Sunshine Cab Co. Lucius works out to keep in shape and invites Tony to join him at the gym. With his enthusiasm, Lucius is able to instill a new sense of confidence in Tony. Note: Look for producers Ed Weinberger and James L. Brooks in the crowd scenes. Guest stars: Bubba Smith, Naomi Stevens, Jimmy Lennon (as himself), Gene LeBell, John Steve. Written by Sam Simon. Directed by Michael Lessac.

#86: "Elegant Iggy" March 18, 1982
Elaine hesitantly agrees to attend a musical concert with Reverend Jim after he is given two free tickets. She is pleasantly surprised when he arrives at the concert in formal attire. Elaine then introduces Jim to an art patron, Mrs. Weber, who invites them both to a party. Elaine is concerned, however, that Jim will embarrass her with his off-the-wall behavior. Note: This episode got an Emmy award for outstanding writing. Guest stars: Fran Ryan, Nina Van Pallandt. Written by Ken Estin. Directed by Noam Pitlik.

#87: "The Wedding of Latka and Simka" March 25, 1982
Latka startles the cabbies by bringing Dr. Joyce Brothers to the Sunshine Garage; he informs them that she has cured him of his recent multiple-personality problems. Now that his mental health seems sound, he plans to asks for Simka's hand in marriage. Guest stars: Vincent Sciavelli,  Carol Kane (in her last appearance before becoming a regular on this series), Peter Elbling. Written by Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser. Directed by James Burrows.

#88: "Cooking for Two" April 8, 1982
Jim is eating breakfast one morning when a wrecking ball crashes through the wall of his apartment. Louie grudgingly lets Jim move in with him for a few days. Soon after moving in, Jim accidentally sets fire to Louie's apartment; nearly everything is destroyed. Jim offers a blank check from his millionaire father to Louie who salivates over how much to make it out for. Written by Ken Estin and Sam Simon. Directed by James Burrows.

#89: "The Road Not Taken (Part 1)" April 29, 1982
Elaine is offered a job as a manager of a small art gallery in Seattle, and she considers whether she and her children should move there. While Elaine thinks things over, the other cabbies talk about moments in their lives when they had important decisions to make. Guest stars: Tom Hanks, Eugene Roche, J.Pat O'Mally, Wendy Phillips, Charles Cioffi, Gene LeBell, Jim Echollas, Michael A Salcido, Tony Eldridge. Written by Ken Estin and Sam Simon. Directed by James Burrows.

#90: "The Road Not Taken (Part 2)" May 6, 1982
While Elaine continues to consider taking the job in Seattle, the cabbies continue to reminisce about important decisions they've made in their lives. Near the end of the episode, Mr. Thompson, from the art gallery in Seattle, comes to the garage and asks Elaine for an answer. He pressures her to make her decision at once, causing Elaine to become so flustered that she throws a punch at him. Guest stars: Melanie Gaffin, David Mendenhall, Max Wright, Jill Jaress, Matthew Faison. Written by Ken Estin and Sam Simon. Directed by James Burrows.


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